Hustings ahoy and how will cuts announced in the budget affect you?

POSTED IN Blog 30.06.2010

Onwards and upwards the leadership campaign continues, and as I prepare my visit to the Borough of Lambeth I have been reflecting on aspects of the campaign.

Attending hustings across the country has definitely been one of my highlights of the campaign as it has allowed me to visit Labour Party members, trade union members, Labour supporters and well wishers alike from across the country. At a moment of economic crisis leadership campaign has provided the perfect opportunity to reach out to other parts of the country and hear first hand accounts of how the Lib-Con Cuts will offer ordinary people.

In any general election campaign I have ever fought, I have always campaigned vigorously: knocking on doors and speaking to constituents seven days a week. This campaign has been no different. I have travelled the length and breadth of this country from Oxford and Newcastle to Leicester and Glasgow, and shall be visiting members in Cardiff this weekend.

Today I will be visiting Lambeth which, much like Hackney has suffered from particularly unacceptable levels of unemployment in recent times. Just when the people of Lambeth have begun to recover from the effects of the recession, the new Government announced crushing cuts in the emergency budget that will invariably hit the most vulnerable Boroughs such as Lambeth the most.

George Slasher Osborne wants to fight the deficit by raising VAT to 20%, cutting child tax credits and freezing public sector pay amongst other things. These measures don’t come close to the amount that could be saved from replacing the Trident nuclear defence system, a measure which Nick Clegg completely bottled and a step that none of the other leadership candidates has been bold enough to take.

So how will these cuts affect you? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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  1. euphoriabuzz says:

    The new budget feels like it is aimed at poorer people like myself, who is reliant on tax credit and child benefit to make ends meet. Go get a job they said , we will make it worth your while …. but obviously not anymore.

    • Isla Dowds says:

      I’m losing my job, which I love, in the NHS, and in fact lost the job I was appointed to when I realised my current job was at risk – both becuase of cuts in funding. My work has been on involving patients, improving patient experience, involving patients in decision making, designing and improving services, and a whole host of project on reducing inequality. I fear that all of this is a ‘ soft target’ for cuts and all the progess we have made in these areas is at risk.

  2. Bridget Campbell says:

    I am worried about what is going to happen to mental health services. People working in these departments are already stretched, doing their own admin and helping some of the most vulnerable people. Now they are worried for their jobs and the waiting list is increasing and likely to increase faster.