Diane welcomes enquiry into torture

POSTED IN Campaign News, Top Stories 6.07.2010

Diane has welcomed the enquiry announced today by the Prime Minister into “extraordinary rendition”
Diane said:
“This enquiry is very welcome and long overdue. The issue of possible British government involvement in torture is one that I raised on the floor of the House on Commons a number of occasions.
It is an unresolved issue arising out of George Bush’s so-called “War on Terror”
The question is, who knew what and when they knew. Britain’s standing in the world depends on getting to the bottom of this issue once and for all.
We have to know whether any ministers were complicit. Any involvement in torture, whether British personnel physically tortured anyone or not, would be quite contrary to Labour values.
I hope that outstanding civil cases can be resolved in order that the inquiry can begin promptly and finish by the end of next year.”

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