Diane condemns Lib-Con’s slashing of school funding

POSTED IN Campaign News 12.07.2010

Diane Abbott MP and candidate for leadership of the Labour Party, has slammed the Lib-Cons decision to slash the million pound Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.

The decision will see hundreds of schools miss out on brand new buildings and facilities, which were promised under the £55 million pound scheme masterminded by the Labour government.

Diane says the shambolic announcement by the coalition has angered many schools and plunged the Lib-Con partnership into crisis, with both Lib-Dem and Tory MPs voicing concerns.

Diane said:

“I am completely shocked by Gove’s decision to axe funding to rebuild hundreds of schools. His announcement was arrogant, shambolic and deeply upsetting for the schools that were told their new buildings and facilities would go ahead, only to have them snatched away a day later.

Fortunately, schools in my constituency, Hackney, will still see work go ahead for the time being. This is because Labour had the sense to target the most deprived areas first.

This decision is an attack on the education system that Labour worked hard to improve. It is not just damaging for young people, but affects the possibility of growth in sectors which would have benefited from building projects and the jobs this would have created.

These cuts are just another mistake by an inexperienced and short-sighted Lib-Con government.”

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