Diane calls on government to get more workers on Olympic site

POSTED IN Campaign News, Top Stories 13.07.2010

Diane has called on the Coalition government to pressure Olympic officials to prioritise jobs leading the Olympics.

Diane who visited the Olympic site last month, believes that it is unacceptable that currently just 4 apprentices hail from Hackney.

She wants more emphasis to be put on Olympic officials to recruit young people from the local area.

Diane said:

“I have visited the Olympic site on several occasions now and I am always shocked at how few apprentices we have from local areas working on the site.

The ODA should be able to attract apprentices from the local area, simply because they don’t need any experience to do the job.

In Hackney alone there are many people who would like jobs on the Olympic Park but don’t know how to get them. We need the government to back a big push to get more apprentices on the site, otherwise the opportunity to revitalise the East End will have been lost.”

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